2023 Midyear Outlook

Read the full report here. Here are the highlights from this edition of Midyear Outlook 2023: Even amid a strong labor market, small businesses plan to slow expansion plans as the Federal Reserve (Fed) maintains steadfast on price pressures.  This could, in turn, cause the economy to soften. We expect inflation to ease as supply […]

July 2023 Client Letter

July 5, 2023 Dear Valued Investor, As we finalize the log on the first six months of 2023, we believe there’s value in reflecting on recent months gone by. Doing so can help crystallize key learnings and help chart a course through the rest of the year. Looking back on the first half of 2023, […]

June 2023 Client Letter

June 7, 2023 Dear Valued Investor, Every so often Washington likes to remind us how hard it can be to get things accomplished. The most recent example is the debt ceiling—the amount Congress can borrow to pay its bills. It seems like we have this debate every few years and in the end a deal […]

May 2023 Client Letter

May 3, 2023 Dear Valued Investor, Spring is often thought of as an uplifting time, marked by growth and renewed hope as we emerge from the long months of winter and look ahead to the rest of year. Investors saw signs of such renewed hope in recent weeks, especially on the inflation front as several […]

April 2023 Client Letter

April 5, 2023 Dear Valued Investor, The financial markets’ resilient performance during March was striking, despite pockets of uncertainty surrounding the strength of the economy—and not to mention concerns over the durability of the banking system. The ability of the market to navigate nearly two weeks of headline-related risk tested the underlying resolve of the […]

March 2023 Client Letter

March 1, 2023 Dear Valued Investor, Financial markets have experienced quite a bit of change this year in just two short months. We started the year hopeful that stocks would benefit from a better economic and monetary policy environment by the spring, but recent developments suggest that may be further out than we initially thought. […]